07 November 2010

A different sort of shadow box

While I'm getting ready to get this blog going again, I've been crafting for a HC Congo that I'll be stocking items in starting 19 November 2010. But I came across this neat Shadow Box idea and wanted to share it with you - might make a great gift for someone on your Christmas list!
You don't even need a detailed tutorial for this, altho' one can be had with a simple search. lol. It's just a drawer from a chest of drawers, paint it, stencil it, cover it with fabric, and fill it with goodies and fun memories... and hang it on the wall.
Love it!

I'll be back with more info on the stocking of the HC soon - there will be hats as well as some smaller items for stocking stuffers. Stay tuned!

06 July 2010

New hats available!

New hats are available - I have some that are ready to ship, as noted below, and will try to keep a steady stash of hats of that status available. Feel free to email me about custom orders tho' - I can do other colors and sizes of course. Most are $20. each unless otherwise noted {if you'd like wool yarn please add $5.} + shipping.

Please be aware that colors may display differently on different monitors. If there are any questions about colors please email me. Thx!

** Purchase 3 or more items and get FREE Priority shipping! **

Thanks for shopping!

Knit Stocking Cap - 1 ready to ship in size NB - 6mo. Can be customized with tassel, long braids, or a pom on top. $20. + shipping.

Teddy Hat - 1 ready to ship in size 3-12mo. $22. + shipping. The flower on this hat is removable.

Apple Green & White Pixie w/ braided tail. Soooo cute! I have 1 ready to ship in a NB-3mo. size {may fit larger too as these stretch}. $20. + shipping.
Matching Diaper Cover - 1 ready to ship in NB-6mo. size {waist approx. 11.5"} - Oh, there will be a button added to the front. :) $18. + shipping.
Hat & Diaper Cover Set {NB-3/6mo} - $35. + shipping. {save $3}

NEW! FuNkY Owl hat - ready to ship in Premie/NB size. $20. + shipping
Can be made to order in other colors & sizes for $24.+ + shipping depending on size.

This Peace Earflap is ready to ship in NB-03mo size. If requested I can attach longer thinner functional ties. The ties currently on it are chunky & meant to just hang. $20. + shipping. Can do custom sizing/colors on request.

Earflap hat - The hat pictured is ready to ship in NB-03mo. size. $20. + shipping.

Cotton Kitty Hat - Made to order. $24. + shipping.

The Floppy-Eared Bunny hat {Some have said it looks like a puppy too!}. This hat is ready to ship in NB size. I can add ties if requested. $20. + shipping.
Can be made in other sizes/colors for $24.

30 July 2009

Summer Cleaning SALE!

Welcome to the SpringSummer Cleaning Sale at Kayleigh's Kloset! Most of the items for sale on this post are discontinued (mostly due to the now-postponed lead testing requirements for children's items - I don't have the time to track down all the flower companies to get their testing certifs.)... but feel free to cruise the rest of the site as all yarn based items will still be available. (not sure about tutus yet)

A few notes about the sale:

It's first come first served and I'll be removing items as they are sold. If someone has already bought the item you wanted, I'll let you know. First time/date stamp gets the item. I'll be checking email frequently but please be patient as I get back with you.
There is only one of each item unless otherwise noted. For the most part I can't create more but it can't hurt to ask. I do still have some flowers that have not yet been made into hats.
Please email me your order & paypal addy to: kayleighskloset@gmail.com and I'll email you back a confirmation & invoice you via paypal. PLEASE make sure your paypal mailing addy is correct.
Thanks! :)

☆。゚・。・゚(⌒∀⌒)ノノ。・゚・。・ ☆。゚・。・゚(⌒∀⌒)ノノ。・゚・。・ ☆。゚・。・゚(⌒∀⌒)ノノ。・゚・。・☆

The ever popular Cocoon. :) This one is what I'd consider a "second" just b/c I didn't enjoy knitting with this particular yarn. lol. The stretchy-ness of the yarn is great for a cocoon but awkward to work with. Measures 20" in total length, 6" from top to where the V ends, and is 8.5 wide just under the V neck. (taken unstretched) This is a real soft acrylic (I'd still hand wash/dry flat tho') with great color transitions of baby blue, soft blue & white; great for spring/summer photos rather then the bulky winter weight cocoons. Regularly these sell for $60. average (depending on yarn) -- this one will sell for $30. + shipping. ($3. in padded envie, $5. priority) ☆ Shipping on this item is free if shipped with another item.
Please note: I will continue to make these... just not w/ this yarn. :)

Large pink bloom headband for child or baby. Flower head measures 7" across, & headband is 12" around. $8 + shipping.

Purple Carnation Hat. Measures 7" across + 7" from top to brim, each flower is about 3" across. Base is 0-3mo. size cotton knit cap. $15. + shipping. SOLD OUT - THX!

White Hydrangea Hat. Measures 7" across + 7" from top to brim. Base is 0-3mo. size cotton knit cap. $15. + shipping.

Pink Carnation Hat. Measures 7" across + 7" from top to brim, each flower is about 3" across. Base is 0-3mo. size cotton knit cap. $15. + shipping. (Qty. avil. 0)

Pink & White Carnation Hat. This is a OOAK hat - we only made this one since the white/pink tipped carnations are difficult to find in our area. Measures 7" across + 7" from top to brim, each flower is about 3" across. Base is 0-3mo. size cotton knit cap. $15. + shipping.

SOLD! Thx Liza! Madysen knit hat. Size nb-3mo maybe (depending on baby). Measures laying flat: 7" across the brim & 6" from top to brim. This is made of soft wool so please hand wash & lay flat to dry. $18. + shipping. Need one? These are going to stay in my shop.

☆ Shipping (if not stated w/ item description) ☆

1-2 hats: $4.95 priority within the US, First Class to Canada.

☆ New! Keep in mind even tho' it's spring-ish we are still are creating Hudson Hats! I had hoped to keep some in stock this past winter but they flew out of here & customs for photographers & mom's kept me super busy. (thank you all!) I will try again this winter to stock these but... if history repeats they will only be available by custom order. Getting yours early is a great idea! Pricing begins at $40. for newborns. You can see more HERE.

☆ People are asking if I'll have spring / summer type hats - Yes, I hope to! I've been working on some diaper covers for photographers and some skirties, and I'll get those photos up on this site soon. If you are on my facebook site you've seen them and they are darling!

Yes, we are on FaceBook! I'd love to add you!

08 April 2009

One Skirtie up for grabs!

This skirtie is finally available! I know - it's been in process forever, but other customs took my time away from it. But it's finally done. Lmk if you want it by emailing me at kayleighskloset@gmail.com
I will be making more of these - Acrylic yarn will be $40. and wool will be $35 + the yarn cost. (Wool will be appropriate for cloth diapering, acrylic not so much - altho' I have heard of people in the cd community using them as such.) There might be some nice Alpaca Cotton usage in the future at the $45. price point. So there will be several options there.

Nice deep red with white waist and leg openings. Skirt features eyelet trim. Very cute! Acrylic yarn - so this one is not for use with cloth diapers, altho' it should fit over them fine.
Size: NB - SM (large NB - about 4 to 6 months? Depending on the child. Lots of stretch tho'.)
Waist flat & unstretched: 4.5"
Waist flat & stretched: 7"
Rise (top front of waist around to top back of waist): 16"
Skirt length from attachment to pants to eyelet edge: 4"
Leg openings flat & unstretched: 3"
$40. + shipping.

The Spring Cleaning Sale is still on!

03 October 2008

Funky, Bear, & Bunny oh my!

Funky Hat
BunnyThe Funky Hat is avail. w/ or w/o tassels. Without tassels it sorta has 'ears'. With tassels it becomes a Madysen hat. lol.
The Bear hat is a custom order... but you can order one too! :)
And the Bunny.
** each hat is $20.+ shipping.
US shipping is $4.95 priority for 1-3 hats.